PM Shift ChecklistEdit

  • Lunch and Dinner Golden Hours (see separate checklist)
  • Tidy the front desk. Straighten newspapers, throw away trash, recycling. Answer questions, phones.
  • Sweep the lobby
  • Shake out the floormat by the front door over the edge of the porch
  • polish lobby furniture with Old English
  • Tidy the Phone closet. Fold the rock blankets and wipe the fingerprints off of the windows using GO2. Sweep the floor. Organize the Lost & Found.
  • Sanitize doorknobs, faucets, soap dispensers, bannisters, toilet handles, and other commonly touched areas throughout bellhop domain.
  • Sweep underworld stairs and hallway
  • Bathroom shakedown (see separate checklist)
  • During desk duty: organize games
  • During desk duty: murphys then polish desk
  • Evening shower cleaning (see separate checklist)