Detailed Rounds: Kiddie Barns, Art Barn & Misc. AreasEdit

Bathrooms (Louise’s & Kiddie)Edit

  • Soap (actually open the soap container to see if soap is needed) , Toilet Paper (Jumbo in Louise’s), Paper Towels (Perforated in OKB): Sufficiently Stocked
  • Mirror, Sink, Paper Towel Holder, and Soap Container: cleaned
  • Trash: Empty, wipe down the outsides of trash cans
  • Floor Swept & Mopped (frequency depends on use, most likely once a day)
  • Toilet scrubbed (once daily)

Art BarnEdit

  • Floor: Swept
  • Chairs neatly arranged
  • Trash: Emptied


  • Floor: Swept
  • Furniture: neatly arranged
  • Counters/Tables wiped off
  • Trash: Emptied (Diapers: triple bagged, labeled, and brought right to G-Plex)
  • Pitchers picked up

Dry Paper StorageEdit

  • Everything on/organized on shelves

Swett AveEdit

  • Everything on/organized on shelves
  • Coffee Cart clean and well stocked


  • Well organized, all things delivered to appropriate location

All other areas of islandEdit

(ie- underworld, front porch, writing room, pink parlor, softball field, dock…)

  • Cleared of conference service items, unless requested
  • Day after Bonfire:
  • Check front desk/Lobby for extra s’mores stuff, sticks and Indian Pumps – if night crew is nice they will leave it in your office for you.